Within the tasks of recycling, we divide them mainly in two areas:


Through our network of partners at national level, we realize the collection of waste are generated where there to take them to the authorized treatment plant, according to the nature and hazard of the waste, ensuring that each of the treatment processes respect Environment.

We actively participate in European technical forums related to waste collection, seeking to optimize the logistical, minimizing cost, as well as the different types of treatment and recycling, eliminating hazardous to health and the environment components, and valuing those components of the waste, helping to minimize the overall cost of treatment.


We devote to give a second life to the fractions from the recycling, from electrical and electronic equipment and unused vehicles. This we contribute to preserving scarce natural resources, using the fractions resulting from the treatment of raw materials of new production processes. Among the products that we value, include the following:

  • Refrigeration compressors
  • Electric motors
  • Aluminium refrigerators
  • Aluminium small appliances
  • Aluminium Carter
  • Glasses (Cathode ray tubes, tinted windshield, etc )
  • Other